Graphic Arts Technology

Graphic Artists are in the business of visual communication. Whether traditional “ink-on-paper” printing or on the Internet, graphic artists use some of the most current technology and advanced communications tools to produce ideas, images, and messages. Students will learn to apply graphic art concepts, formulas, operational procedures and production principles, preparing them for a creative and exciting career.

Program Options

Graphic Arts Technology offers a technical certificate and associate of applied science degree option.

The technical certificate is one-year program. Graduates will have an understanding and skills to apply graphic art concepts, formulas, operational procedures and production principles in accordance with industry standards. These experiences prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the graphic arts industry. Graduates seeking to continue their education can transfer certificate courses to the Graphic Arts Technology AAS degree program.

The associate of applied science degree is a two-year program that contains technical and general education courses. Graduates will have an understanding and ability to apply graphic art concepts, formulas, operational procedures and production principles in accordance with industry standards.

Design work in the Graphic Arts industry includes books, magazines, special interest publications, newspapers, greeting cards, posters, advertising material, packaging material, signage, billboards, stickers and decals. Graphic Arts also includes design and production of specialty items such as printed textile products, which include shirts and a variety of other wearables.

Career opportunities include:

  • Commercial Printing
  • Magazine & Book Publishing
  • Screen Printers
  • Newspapers
  • Specialty Printers
  • In-house Graphics

Pittsburg State University

FHTC students who have graduated from the Graphic Arts Technology program may pursue The Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Pittsburg State University to extend their education and training. Students earning the BAS degree complete a major in technology with a selected emphasis through the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies in the College of Technology.

Jason Brinkman

Jason Brinkman

I began my career at FHTC in 2001. I’ve always enjoyed the capabilities of the software used in print production – it’s fun helping others discover the cool things that can be done with software.

I’ve worked in the print and publishing industry since 1991. I’ve used Photoshop since version 2 --12 versions ago--and InDesign since it was created by Adobe. I’ve been a part of design teams ranging from a senior designer in a Fortune 1000 marketing department to being one person in a two-person print shop. I’ve worked as a business owner and independent contractor as well as a servant of the public trust paid with taxpayer dollars

Print and publishing is the most geographically dispersed manufacturing industry in the United States. Every sizable small town or small city has at least one if not several businesses working in the industry – and we’re growing. Every time you hear a cash register ring up a sale, the bar code was printed on some sort of packaging. Commerce would not exist without printing.

Our students receive training on the software and design side as well as the printing and production side. Only two programs in the state can offer that, and FHTC is the only two-year technical college that offers a comprehensive program. We have an excellent placement rate and the crucial connections to business and industry that get students placed in careers after graduation.

I like to think we have a fairly casual atmosphere. Students learn what they need to do the job – we emulate the work environment as much as possible. I think most people in the work world would describe their work environments as collegial. That’s what we try to do- give real-world job training in a safe atmosphere to prepare for a career in the print and publishing industry.

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